In our clinic we use the most advanced devices for glaucoma evaluation:

Laser treatment of glaucoma

It is most effective in the early stages of disease development. Benefits of laser glaucoma treatment are: 

At the late stage of glaucoma and terminal glaucoma, micropulse laser cyclophotocoagulation is performed on the newest Cyclo G6 Glaucoma laser system (IRIDEX, USA), following the original technique developed by our specialists​

Glaucoma surgery

In cases of open-angle glaucoma, whether it is a primary or a secondary uncompensated one, the non-penetrating deep sclerectomy has become widespread in recent years because of its high efficiency, minor injuries, minimum number of post-operative complications and rapid rehabilitation period. Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy is an operation technique developed by the first head of glaucoma surgery department professor Valentin Kozlov together with the academician Svyatoslav Fedorov. This technique allowed to minimize the surgical trauma but at the same time, it requires a highly qualified surgeon.
The operation is performed under local anesthetic, with the obligate participation of anesthetists.

Modern operating microscopes Zeiss and Leica (both Germany) and special microsurgical instruments are used. The average duration of the procedure is 15-20 minutes.

In particularly serious cases, for example in repeated glaucoma, as well as in early interventions in patients with comorbid pathology, our specialists perform the most advanced surgical interventions with the use of drains (such as “Ex-press” or “Ahmed”) and implants (“Healaflow”) which are widely known in the world.