The Department of Glaucoma Surgery carries out diagnosis and treatment of various types of glaucoma, as well as the development and improvement of laser and microinvasive surgical technologies for glaucoma treatment.

The Department of Glaucoma Surgery was established in 1983. Professor Valentin Kozlov became the first head of the Department. He, together with Academician Fyodorov, has developed a new technology for glaucoma, which is known as non-penetrating deep sclerectomy. This technique significantly reduced the invasiveness of glaucoma surgery.

Every year, more than eleven thousand microinvasive surgeries and more than 25000 laser procedures are performed in the Department, and it, itself, is a clinical base for training doctors from Russia and abroad

Thanks to numerous clinical trials and experimental studies, the Department’s specialists have succeeded in developing and implementing into routine practice laser surgery techniques, which in combination with surgical intervention reduces the intraocular pressure.

The advantages of the techniques developed by the Department include low invasiveness, high efficiency, almost complete absence of complications, and ability to perform outpatient surgeries.

Today, the Department of Glaucoma Surgery uses the latest achievements of world and national ophthalmology. The Department’s specialists perform high-tech surgical interventions using the best drainages and implants.