The Department of Vitreoretinal Surgery is highly specialized in the treatment of retinal and vitreous diseases. Gained experience and the use of modern ophthalmological technologies allow our surgeons to offer the most qualified treatment of such severe vitreoretinal pathology as retinal detachments, diabetic retinopathy, epiretinal fibrosis, macular hole, intraocular hemorrhage, vitreous body opacities etc.

More than 43000 vitreoretinal surgeries are performed every year, and in 25000 of them the most advanced 25-27G techniques are implemented

The Department provides the following surgical procedures:

The most prominent achievement of vitreoretinal surgery technologies is an implementation of microinvasive 25–27-gauge techniques, wide-field visualization systems, endolasers etc. All of these modern technologies are successfully used by our surgeons in routine clinical practice.

The operation theatre is equipped with the most modern devices of world leading manufacturers which allows to achieve the best functional outcomes and significantly reduces the risks during surgery.

Our surgeons are pioneers in the application of perfluorocarbon liquids in vitreoretinal surgery. They were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation in science and technology for development of this method.