One of the most popular services in Therapeutic Department is the Dry Eye Syndrome treatment of different origins. We have pioneered the use of the latest and most advanced treatment methods – we are the first ophthalmologist clinic in Russia to provide Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for the treatment of dry eye syndrome. 

IPL is not a laser, but a light-based therapy surgery

Lumenis M22 IPL is renowned for technological breakthroughs ophthalmic lasers and has a long list of industry gold standards. The Lumenis M22™ safely stimulates Meibomain glands to help return them to their normal function.

It has long been used in dermatology to treat vascular facial lesions, rosacea spots, and pigmented areas. Filters are used to apply specific wavelengths of light to target abnormal blood vessels in the eyelids and skin that are often responsible for causing eyelid inflammation.